Pushing to git from Mozilla Toronto

Today, Ehsan and I set up a highly experimental git server in Mozilla Toronto, and it seems to be working relatively well (for now). If you want access, give me a ping and I’ll sort it out for you (should be accessible to anyone on a Mozilla corporate network, I think). We’re still ironing out the kinks though, so please only use it if you’re fairly well versed with git.

The server (currently accessible via “teenux.local”) hosts repositories mirroring mozilla-central, mozilla-inbound and a push-only repository for try:


To use it, you need to add a new section to your .ssh/config like this:

Host teenux.local
User git
ForwardAgent yes
IdentityFile path/to/your/hg/private_key

You may also need to register the private key you use for hg.mozilla.org with ssh-agent by doing:

ssh-add path/to/your/hg/private_key

That should be it. Now you can go ahead and clone git://github.com/mozilla/mozilla-central.git and set up a remote for the repositories hosted on teenux for pushing to. You can theoretically clone from teenux as well but given that the server isn’t anywhere near as reliable as github, I recommend you stick to github for fetching changes, and only use teenux for pushing.

There is a minor caveat: you must push to the master branch for this to work. So a typical command would be:

git push -f try my_local_branch:master


One thought on “Pushing to git from Mozilla Toronto

  1. Just for information, for disappointed Mountain View developers. A similar server exists in mountain view, and will soon be made compatible with eshan repository — meaning it will aslo includes CVS history and will hopefully have compatible commits.

    It seems to be quite stable since the middle of March 2012.

    Contact me on irc.mozilla.org (nbp) if you want access.

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